Herbal Kitty 🐱 Bath Soak
Uses: *After menstrual cycle  *After childbirth  *For Itching or irritation due to std or other complications  *Maintaining odor control *Maintaining ph balance  Directions: Sitz Bath Basin (Most Effective): Add 2 scoops to warm water and soak for 20 mins Bath...
Yoni Herbal Kitty Oil
🌸Can be used daily, after waxing or shaving 🌺Keep the kitty area moisturized 🌼Help prevent ingrown hair🌸Promotes healthy PH balance 🌺Help prevent odor 🌼Infused with aphrodisiac 🌸Increases sex drive & intensify orgasm Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Safflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lotus...
Herbal Bath Soaks
Made with the combination of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Soaking Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Herbs and derived essential oils, this will be one amazing bath to remember. This calming combination leaves the body relaxed, refreshed, feeling amazing and...
Facial Toner Mist
Witch Hazel infused with rose petals, lemon balm and calendula. Made to restore, cleans and tighten the pores for rejuvenation of the skin. Because these herbs carry different vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agents mixed in with an...
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Loc’d & Loaded Natural Cream For Locs
Cream can be used on all types of hair (Loc’d, natural, permed, curly, etc.) to add vitamins and nutrients to hair. Hydrates dry and brittle hair to reverse breakage, helps to prevent dry scalp, dandruff, buildup, and itching.  Ingredients: Shea Butter, Aloe...
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Yoni Herbal Mix (Best Seller)
Holistic treatment used to promote vaginal cleaning, tightening, restoring vaginal cells and regulate menstrual periods.   
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Detox Face and Body Mask
Green Tea Detox Face & Body mask: Helps to eliminate irritation & inflammation in the skin. Used to reduce acne, blackhead and pimple breakouts by detoxifying the skin. Turmeric Face & Body Mask: Helps to detoxify & tighten the skin reducing fine line...
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Activated Charcoal Kit
Multi-use Activated Charcoal can be used to promote teeth whitening, bathing and a facial/body mask to cleanse the skin. Charcoal is used to detoxify the skin by drawing out and capturing build up oil, bacteria and impurities deep within the...
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